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Proyecto Creado CAD-BIM
Automatic budget from projects designed in CAD-BIM. Project picture of Revit* sample

Scheme of projects origen in IFC format, to be measured and budgeted in Mideplan

Scheme of auxiliary prices, subdivided prices and Mideplan classes

Example of auxiliary prices, subdivided prices and Mideplan classes

Scheme of functioning for measurement of an IFC element (a wall element)

Arbol IFC en MidePlan
Elements and rooms tree imported by Mideplan in IFC

Scheme of functioning for measurement of an IFC room (a bathroom)

Partidas asociadas a una 'habitación'
Budget structure created from elements and rooms

Arbol IFC en MidePlan
BIM model is displayed in a graphic window, inside Mideplan application

Automatic budgeting of projects in IFC-BIM format
This service allows to automate the collecting of a detailed budget by items and with measurement lines of the elements of a BIM model, performed by CAD softwares, such as Revit®, AllPlan® y ArchiCad®.

Project budgeting of MidePlan allows to get automatically a complete assessment of every designed element. Because budgets are gotten from project designs, their assessments are real measurements, so they are not estimates gotten from global variables or aproximate percentages.

In the BIM model created with a CAD 3D software, designed elements measurements are included. These measurements could be lengths, areas, volumes, gross and net values, for instance, hollows discounting in walls. These measurements are taken by MidePlan from an IFC file created by CAD softwares, and used for computation of measurement lines of each item.

"Rooms" definition
In CAD-BIM softwares, it is possible to define "rooms" which group different project areas. For instance, kitchen area, bathroom area, bedroom1 area, bedroom2 area... This organization in "rooms" is displayed in drawings, so their dimensions can be computed.

After rooms and elements have been defined in CAD-BIM softwares, they are exported to IFC format. This data is organized by tree structure, so it is easy to identify elements.

Rooms: items, prices and measurements
analizes the elements and rooms definition which is done in CAD software, and it associates to each one a set of items, without limitation, which must be considered in budgets. This concept, set of items associated to a BIM element, is named "class" in MidePlan. Measurements of every item associated to one class, are gotten through arithmetic operations and their dimensions.

For each "class", it is definable codes of each item generated in budgets and also prices associated to them, to choose between codifications of different standard price databases or price databases defined by users. For instance, in a space defined as "kitchen", it is possible to generate automatically budget items including paving, wall finishes, light points, water connections, baseboards, building and ceiling finishes...

Elements: items, prices and measurements
At the same way than "rooms", project elements dimensions are in the IFC file. With this data is computed their measurements, and MidePlan associates it to one or more items.

Concepts databases: "rooms" and elements
provides a "class" database composed of tens of elements and "rooms" to assign a BIM model, which can be extended or modified by users. This database include classes to use in projects, generating a set of items in budgets while measuring a space. Concepts have a reference code according their tipology, EV1 (Beam Element #1), HC1 (Kitchen Room)...

Other items not gotten from the model can associate to the budget too (items associated to the own project).

Assignation of each class to the BIM model (elements and spaces), is made in CAD softwares, at the same time than is being defined an element or space. , which will be used in MidePlan to create measurements and items associated to the concept.

Budget collecting and budget termination
generates project budgets in G10 format, which is the own format of Gest, and BC3 format for comunication to other budget softwares which support this format, and XLS format to be opened with MS-Excel.

After measurements are obtained, the necessary complement for MidePlan is Gest where it is possible to create and modify simple and subdivided prices, to add other items, adjust the final budget to a given amount, and to use different types of lists and reports already programmed.

Change control
There are functions in MidePlan which allow to compare between 2 different models, getting diferences between them. These changes can refer to new elements, erased elements, or differences between measurements. In MidePlan windows, differences are shown, being possible to filter displayed data. For instance, just display new elements, or those elements with different dimensions. After changes are analized, this data is sent to Gest.Budgets to display the new budget (more info).

Changes and budget
Gest.MidePlan, control of changes and modifications in budgets when changing BIM3D model. Data sent to Gest.Budgets can be clasified in one of the four set of alternative measurements for each ite, A, B, C y D, which are allowed by Gest. For instance, if the original budget was calculated with measurements of set A, and new measurements are in set B, can be used in Gest.Budget all the functions and comparative analysis reports between two sets of measurements A and B.

Integrated 3D BIM model
Bim model is displayed in a graphic window of MidePlan. Selecting graphically elements on this window is possible to verify the assigned class, generated measurements and obteined budget in different assigned items in the used class. If the selected element is a "room", it is obteined the budget of every element associated with it. 3D BIM Model is represented with a tree structure or elements hierarchy; elements to be shown can be filtered.






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