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Tricalc and the Structural model Exchange
Since October of 2004, Tricalc allows the exportation and importation of structural models from and to Allplan®, software developed by Nemetschek AG. When ARKTEC raised this comunication development, which was unique in national markets, the main bet on IFC of the main CAD-softwares manufacturers was not big enough. In 2008, with the perspective of those last years, ARKTEC thought the IFC format was entrenched enough as a standar in the industry, so it considered it was the perfect time to develope comunication in IFC format, also allowing the comunication with other CAD applications, such as, ArchiCAD® developed by Graphisoft, Revit® y Autocad Architectural® (old Architectural Desktop®) both of them developed by Autodesk®, and also Allplan®, developed by Nemetschek AG.

IFC format includes many classes to have objects information. Between structural elements which are included in classes used by Tricalc there are data structures which allow to define beams (IfcBeam Class), columns (IfcColumn Class), slabs (IfcSlab Class), bearing walls (IfcWall Class) and hollows (IfcOpenning Class). Also, it will be possible to consider footings (IfcFootings Class) and stairs (IfcStairs), which will be considered in next versions. IFC implementation since 7.0 version of Tricalc, in Tricalc.16 module "Connection with CAD", allows bidirectional comunication in IFC format with those softwares which working with IFC, importing and exporting beams, columns, tilted beams, bearing walls and slabs. Also, Tricalc.16 keeps the current format of bidirectional connection with Allplan®, which exists since 2004.

Architecture and Structural Models
Location of elements used in a building design and their features can change when being necessary to create a "consistent" structural model to proceed to structural analysis. A "consistent" model is made by a set of axes and computation planes which allows consider mechanic properties of the elements and those effects from eccentricities between axes. IFC2x3 allows differentiate between both models, being possible the modification, in Tricalc, of the architecture model to convert it in a structural model, which will finally be analysed in Tricalc, and exported later.
A set of available functions in Tricalc allows the modification of properties of elements which were imported in IFC format, with the utility of creating a structural model.


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