Arktec Main Offices
Arktec currently markets its programs in addition to Spain and Portugal, in different countries of Latin America. It does so directly in Mexico, through its subsidiary Arktec Mexico S.A. de C.V. with offices in Mexico DF, and through local partners in Latin America.

ARKTEC S.A.-Spain skype:arktec.comercial

Madrid (Spain): ARKTEC S.A.
Caleruega, 81 6ºA
E28033 Madrid (Spain)
Tel. +34 91 5561 992

ARKTEC S.A.-Spain skype:arktec.comercial

Barcelona (Spain): ARKTEC S.A.
Bailén, 7 3ºA
E08010 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel. +34 93 265 2184

Lisbon (Portugal): ARKTEC Portugal Lda
Av. Miguel Bombarda, 36 - 11º A - Edificio Presidente
1050-165 Lisbon (Portugal)
Tel. +351-21.793.27.55

ARKTEC MEXICO S.A. skype:arktecmexico

México City (Mexico): ARKTEC Mexico S.A. de C.V.
WTC Mexico - Montecito, 38 - Col. Nápoles
03810 Mexico City (Mexico)
Tel. +52 55 5254 1160


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