Gest, todos los documentos del proyecto con el mismo programa
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BUDGETS. Up to 256 different multi-prices of each basic element to use in different offers, suppliers and estimates.

MEASUREMENTS. Freedom of item coding; same work unit can be repeated in a same chapter, without limitations.

PROGRESS BILLING. Partial progress billings and to origin, by coefficient, by amount, by total and by lines, comparing outstanding quantities.

SHEETS. They are automatically created from the budget, including master sheets associated to diverse base prices.

DEVIATIONS. Study of deviations between budget and cost estimation, and between several budgets, by basic elements, items and chapters.


TIMES. Gantt-charts and amount charts of up to 10 different offers, such as, budgets, progress billings or cost estimations.


WORK COST. Charging of material costs to each item; creation of orders and invoices, also existing quantities analysis.

WORK DOCUMENTS. Delivery notes of material supply, labor reports; control of several works in a single cost center or warehouse.

DWG-IFC MEASUREMENTS. Graphic measurement with MidePlan, of plans in DW, Raster and JPG format. Also, graphic measurement of projects in IFC format with CAD-BIM programs, linked to Gest


GRAPHS. Financial timelines and resource-expenses diagrams of up to 10 offers. Graphic creation with MS-Excel. Management of EVM (Earned Value Management)

VISUAL EDITOR OF REPORTS. Any list can be created in an intuitive way, with MS-Access-report-editor style.

ARKTEC S.A. renders direct technical support, and invests huge resources in development of new versions. It is commercialized directly by Arktec S.A., the developer itself, without intermediaries.

Gest, the easiest software to use
It offers an effective platform based on MS-Windows and MS-Office standards, with all Arktec's experience in the developement of other programs such as Tricalc, already available for MS-Windows in 1991.

  • Field editor in MS-Office style, using multi-windows.
  • Predefined and customizable icon bars, with shortcut keys.
  • Help in standard HTML format, including video tutorials.
  • Bases and budgets tree compatible with Explorer, with lists of most recent files.
  • Designed for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Technical support included and also rendered directly by Arktec, which guarantees top-level specialized help.

Projects are always safe
Being necessary to share information in a working party; Gest will help you to keep its integrity.

  • All the information of budgets -prices, measurements, specifications and work control- in a single file.
  • Restricted access to unauthorized users by password.
  • Use of files in read-only mode and in exclusive mode.
  • Multiple network access, so a single file can be simultaneously modified from users using different computers.
  • Licenses with local or network chips (hard-locks), or remote access through Internet outside your office.
  • Periodic and automatic backups.

Price databases for construction
Arktec participates actively in the study of communication between programs and databases: the best warranty for having the most updated tools. Gest incorporates:

  • Multi-prices of unitary prices; prices of different regions, suppliers or cost estimations.
  • Polynomial formulas of update according to official models and CNC, with price indeces of the lastest years. Update from MS-Excel.
  • Graphic information -drawings, photographs- associated to each work unit.
  • Unlimited number of prices of each price database.
  • Advanced system of prices search engine with logic operators.
  • It uses price databases in FIE-1 and FIEBDC-3 format, even with parametric compileds in DLL in FIEBDC-3/2014 format.
  • Spell checker for texts with extendible dictionary and with more than 6.000 construction terms.
  • Spelling autocorrect facility.

Budgets without restrictions
Those projects in which it is necessary, you can freely decide items coding:

  • Budgets with traditional structure, sorted in chapters and items, or in tree structure.
  • Item coding is chosen freely, and it is independent of work-unit code.
  • Same work unit can be used in several items of a same chapter, without limitation.
  • In linked items, measurements are calculated regarding each other, even if they were renamed.
  • It permits to use an unlimited number of items per chapter and budget.
  • Measurement lines can include subtotals and arithmetic expressions.
  • Budgets organized by phases.
  • Using MidePlanBIM, measurements can be automatically gotten from DWG plans, either by floors or elevations; or from IFC files proceeding from CAD-BIM programs, obtaining automatically volumes, lenghts, areas and units, even with measurement lines.

Adjustment and calculation of necessary resources
It incorporates advanced funtions which simplify your job:

  • Adjusts a budget modifying unitary prices or returns, with homogeneous or heterogeneous distribution, even labour.
  • Calculates the necessary quantities of material resources, labour and machinery for carrying out each item, and shows them graphically in the timelines.

Progress billings
Users can use different kinds of progress billings with Gest, and also they can obtain project-status data in different ways:

  • By measurement lines, by coefficient and by total, comparing progress-billed and non-progress-billed measurement lines.
  • Creating partial progress billings and to origin, taking as reference budgets and previous progress-billings.
  • Studying deviations between already progress-billed quantities and outstanding quantities.

The most complete system to obtain lists
It provides 4 complementary ways to obtain lists, so any model is available:

  • Modifiable: through options menus. Already available for using without modifications, without need of being programmed.
  • Programmable: easy to use, without need of knowing languages to programme.
  • Forms: defined in AutoCad in WMF format, using budgets and price databases.
  • Reports: graphically defined by the Visual Editor, in a MS-Access style, with multitude of possibilities to customize lists.

Deviations, Graphs and Offer Requests
For taking decisions on the basis of information:

  • Comparison between different offers and budgets, either comparing different measurements or prices, or even both.
  • Comparison between budgets and progress billings, or between different estimates. It is possible to compare one budget with up to other 99, and various budgets regarding average amount.
  • Comparative graphs of amounts between 10 possible budgets, progress billings and cost objectives.
  • Offer requests of complete works or items, tender according to several citeria: maximum, minimum, average, etc.

Gantt charts, and charts of amounts and timelines
The easiest way to control graphically a budget and its cost objectives:

  • Automatic creation of Gantt charts of budgets.
  • Charts of amounts of budgets and/or progress billings.
  • Financial timeline of budgets, obtaining progress billed and oustanding quantities in each period of time.
  • Timeline of resources uses, weekly and monthly.
  • Direct link to MS-Excel for obtaining any type of graphic in this program.

Linked to other programs
Links between programs is a daily need:

  • Customization of reports in MDB format of MS-Access.
  • Importation of base prices, budgets and sheets created with MS-Word, in RTF format.
  • Exportation of lists to MS-Word in RTF format, without limitations, even with fonts, characteristics and pictures.
  • Exportation to MS-Project and other compatible programs.
  • Bi-directional communication with other CAD programs (ArkteCad™, AllPlan™, Archicad™, Revit™...).
  • Exportation of tables in HTML and XLS formats.
  • linked to MidePlanBIM to graphic measurement of DWG, DXF and BMP plans, and also complete projects, automatically in IFC, recovered from CAD-BIM programs.
  • directBIM bidirectional communication between Gest and Revit. It displays elements selected in Gest items, and the relation between measurements and 3D model in Revit.

Requirements for each project
Neither all budgets are the same nor specifications are, being necessary its customization for each project:

  • Automatic creation of traditional and facet requirements, including optional, economic, legal and technical conditions of budget work units.
  • Specifications included and associated to the codification of the different price database of markets.
  • Official and updated requirements of the CSCAE (Superior Council of Architects of Spain) and the CGATE (General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain).

Costs Analysis and Control
The solution for knowing the real cost of constructions: GestCon.

  • the budget to be performed is created by offers request and using different allocation criteria, starting here the work control.
  • Costs Analysis and Control is performed in an integrated way, creating orders, relation of materials, invoices, stock and expenses of each item.
  • Management of stock considering a single warehouse or cost center for several works simultaneously.
  • Charging of several material delivery-notes to the same order and the same invoice.
  • Expense imputation to each item, to analyze deviations between estimated amounts or progress billings, and the real ones incurred.
  • File of suppliers and clients, with Tax numbers, addresses, phones, etc.
  • Control of cash flow to manage payments and encashments already made, and the foreseeable ones in the future.
  • Cost control by EVM method (Earned Value Management), comparing initial budget, costs objective and work cost.

ERP Constructo™
it provides all work-accounting data, organized in independent cost centers:

  • With ERP Arktec-Constructo, users will benefit from the integration of accounting, work control and invoicing, sending bidirectionally the information: automatic accounting entries of invoices, entered invoices with material to spend, stock, control of scaffolding and other equipment/machinery.
  • Work-profitability reports.
  • Labor reports for each worker, with aggregation by periods and prices of each hour, and assigned to each work and item.
  • Invoicing permits to manage all the company invoicing in a centralized way, by creation of invoices to be issued and the optional entering of received invoices, to store and consult, as well as rectified invoices and proforma invoices.
  • Expenditures direct charging for each work, analytical daily ledger, treasury reports, profitabilities, work expenses...
  • For simplifying the importation to Constructo, the link to ContaPlus™ permits to export invoices and due dates to this program.

Gest.Wastes: Management and Monitoring Studies
Gest.Wastes, permits to automate the creation of construction and demolition wastes management studies, according to the demands of Spain-UE Rules 105/2008, which regulates this Kind of production and management wastes, being applicable to all kind of works: buildings, urbanizations, demolitions, refurbishments, etc.

Gest.Segur: Studies and Plans. Risk Assessment
Create an extensive database of safety measures, managing knowledge as its main advantage: your experience can be added to be used in each future work.

  • Gest.Segur creates reports, requirements and safety and health budgets of each work. It converts studies into safety plans.
  • It provides an automatic assistant to select chapters to be included according to used units.
  • Also, Gest.Segur permits to create risk evaluation charts of each activity, in accordance with current legislation, which is indispensable to be included in the Plan.
  • It includes texts from Safety and Health requirements, which are updated and developed by CSCAE, CGATE and IVE (Spain).

Building Log Book
Gest allows to create it with takeover records, the relation of agents involved in the project, user manuals and maintenance guides.

  • It is provided with a knowledge-base to elaborate user manuals and maintenance guides, organized by chapters according to the building components. This base is modifiable and extendible by users, so it is possible to add new components and measures.

*Arktec, ArkteCad, Constructo, Gest, GestCon, Segur, directBIM and MidePlan are registered trademarks of Arktec,S.A.; MS-Office, MS-Excel, MS-Word and MS-Access are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation; ContaPlus is a registered trademark of Sage España; AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk Corporation; Allplan is a registered trademark of Nemetschek AG. Revit is a registered trademark of Autodesk AG.


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