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Annual Assistance Service (AAS)
The Annual Assistance Service is for 12 months, and it allows users to always upgrade the software and enjoy of highest conditions of technical support and warranty. It is a Arktec commitment to its users as well as a bet and confidence of users who contract this service with Arktec, allowing us to have resources to develope our softwares in the short term.

Constant Investment in R+D+I
The Arktec commitment to its users to encourage the research, development and innovation (R+D+I) of its softwares, has as a result the presentation of one or two annual versions. Every new version includes:

  • Adaptation to new operating systems and hardware standards. For instance, all Arktec solutions are tested and optimized to use them in every new version of Windows OS, also participating jointly with Microsoft Corporation, in Microsoft Partner Program, in testing groups before marketing of new windows version. As well as our participation in test programs of Windows 7 and Windows 8. In adition, the participation joint with Intel in the Intel Developer Program to adapt Tricalc to architectures of multiple cores of Intel chips, and new UltraBook devices, supporting the use of tactil events on screen to interface with structures, and its agile and dynamic movement.
  • Inclusion of new codes, and adaptation to existing ones. A greater need today is to be ready to deal a project with highest guarantees that current legal provisions are being applied, as well as to access to international works in the structural computation area, budgets legislations and work tender legislations, land regulation, representation criteria of set plans... In the specific case of structural computation, it should be noted the continous effort to update structural computation codes: just in last three years followings codes have been used: EHE2088 and EAE2011 in Spain, ACI 318-2011, AISI 2010 and AISC 2010 in USA, NTCS 2004 and CFE 2008 in Mexico, ABN NBR Acero in Brazil, Eurocodes in the EU, and CIRSOC 2005 in Argentina.
  • Another important area which improves new versions features is the improvement of softwares to increase users productivity. These improvements are emerging in the technical support area and also because of suggestions of thousands of users.

Versions and reviews
ARKTEC presents between 1 and 2 versions every year. Each version include innovations in functionality and adaptation to new new codes and standars. After a version is presented and until a new version presentation, reviews of the same version are presented, which incorporate new improvements. Versions and reviews can be downloaded from CLIENTS area of the website if Annual Assistance Service (AAS) is activated.

Annual Assistance Service features:

  • Access to CLIENTS area of to download and install all versions of your software which have been presented.
  • Inmediate delivery without cost of all the new versions of your software which are marketed through electronic download.
  • Highest level of technical support, including telephone and email enquiries: installation, configuration, study and results justification.
  • Weekly assistance to mentoring sessions on-site or through intenet.
  • Check-Control service of budgets and projects analysis to verify them and comments about proposed aspects by users.
  • Warranty of protection systems (keys): repairing and replacement in fault case.
  • Priority modification of the software when finding errors which do not allow its right operation. There is a commitment to delivery a new review as soon as possible.

How to activate the Annual Assistance Service (AAS)?
If users have the last version of the software, they can contact our customer service area, where users will be informed about economic conditions to formalize it. After end of the yearly contract, ARCTEK will contact users to offer them a new yearly period rennovation, in order to give a continuous service.

How can users upgrade to the last version of the software if they did not active the Annual Assistance Service (AAS)?
The Annual Assistance Service (AAS) is the most economic way to keep upgraded the software. For users who do not have contract, because it never was formalized or it was not rennovated, ARKTEC offers them its policy of old versions upgrades, through which they can acquire the last version, and whose cost will depend on the seniority of their old versions. Actually, softwares of users have a value for ARKTEC, so prices to upgrade will be always more economic than buying a new licence.

Mutual commintment between ARKTEC and its clients
As it was said at the beginning, the Annual Assistance Service (AAS) is a ARKTEC commintment to its users, as well as a bet and confidence of users who contract this service with Arktec, allowing us to have resources to develope our softwares in the short term. We would like to express our most heartfelt appreciation to our users, without them the improvement of our solutions in last 25 years there were not the same. Because of them, our solutions are in the highest level, and we are ready to deal jobs with more powerful tools.



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